Fairy Tale February


January 30, 2013 by Alice in Readerland

Fairy Tale February Official Banner

Friday, February 1st will mark the start of Fairy Tale February, a feature I’ve created here at Alice in Readerland. All month long, I’ll be reading and reviewing fairy tales and fairy tale retellings, writing special fairy tale features, having a few guest blog posts from some fabulous bloggers, being a part of The Cheap Reader’s Project: Fairy Tale, participating in A Backwards Story‘s A Week of Little Red in celebration of Marissa Meyer’s Scarlet, and more. I hope you’ll have a magical month here in Readerland!

What are your favorite fairy tales and fairy tale retellings?

Cinderella Cat

16 thoughts on “Fairy Tale February

  1. Carla Cullen says:

    My favorite retelling is probably Cinder by Marissa Meyer, but my favorite fairy tale is The Pied Piper, because I just finished writing a modern YA retelling of it. I’ll be blogging about The Pied Piper for Project Fairy Tale.

  2. Suzanne says:

    OH man, I wish I had known about Fairy Tale February, this is right up my alley, I would have totally signed up!! Ah well, I will definitely enjoy your posts this month, and maybe I’ll do a little bit of my own unofficial FT Feb!

  3. Great Idea. I have yet to read Cinder, but I hope to soon.

  4. YAY! Can’t wait to see your posts!

  5. This is just TOO AWESOME. I’m so in love with fairytales and retellings. I read them all the time and I can’t get enough of them <3 Perhaps you can tell from my avatar, my favorite story is Beauty and the beast (L) Some of my favorite retellings: Tiger Lily (You HAVE to read this. Is beautiful and ohh, I'm going to stop before I start fangirling), Cinder and the books from Jackson Pearce :)

  6. Sunny says:

    February will be fantastic! :)

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  8. Amy says:

    I just read “Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow” by Jessica Day George. It was fabulous. I love fairy tale retellings, so I’m excited to see all you have planned for this month!

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