ARC Review: Money Run by Jack Heath


March 18, 2013 by Alice in Readerland

Money RunWhen a heist goes wrong, teen thief Ash finds herself in a high stakes game of cat-and-mouse.

Ashley “Ash” Arthur is a teen thief. Motivated by the thrills as much as the money, she’s pulled off some amazing heists with the help of her childhood friend Benjamin, who acts as tech support. Now she’s got the world’s richest man in her sights, convinced that Hammond Buckland has 2 million dollars hidden away in his corporate HQ.

Ash isn’t the only one with an interest in Buckland. The Australian government gets his fortune if he dies on their soil, so they’ve sent their #2 assassin, Peachey, to kill him. With Ash and Peachey both sneaking around the office building and working at cross purposes, it’s only a matter of time before their paths cross and Peachey decides Ash has seen too much to live.

Once it’s a matter of life and death, can Ash keep her eye on the prize?

Set over the course of a single night within a single building, this is a page-turning thriller with gadgets, guts, and summer-blockbuster action.

Special thanks to Scholastic Inc and NetGalley for letting me read an ARC of this title. Money Run by Jack Heath arrives in stores April 1st, 2013.

When we first meet Ash, she’s trying to steal a nineteen-carat alexandrite stone worth at least $150,000 from a locked briefcase, while on a plane. And of course she succeeds, because as she points out, she never gets caught.

But is that about to change?

When she sets her sights on 2 million dollars and plans a heist to get it, she ends up getting more than what she bargained for: like several very close brushes with death. Can Ash still pull the heist off and make it out alive?

You know those books that say they’re full of action-adventure but end up only having one good chase scene? Or those books advertized as suspense but end up having low-risk situations? Thankfully, that wasn’t this book. Money Run lived up to the action and suspense it promised with our protagonist dealing with assassins, helicopters, anthrax, guns, and threats.

Something I enjoyed about this book was the ending; I thought the twist at the end was very interesting and fun.

Cynical Cindy Says

While Ash is obviously talented and can handle her fair share of action, and I love seeing that that in a character, there was really nothing that made me care for her personally as a character. She made ridiculously risky decisions, and just seemed to steal for the thrill of it and because she could get away with it. I didn’t really see any “likeability” in her, but that’s just my opinion.

Overall, if you’re a fun of “thriller” novels featuring suspense and want to know what happens when Ash’s heist goes wrong, then you should catch Money Run in stores April 1st!

2 Teacups 2 out of 5 teacups

What are some of your favorite heist stories?

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13 thoughts on “ARC Review: Money Run by Jack Heath

  1. This does sound interesting, although I’m not sure if it’s something that I’d enjoy because it’s not the type of book that I would usually read. Great review!

  2. This one does sound fun!

  3. Bella says:

    I very picky when it comes to heist novels because I am always holding them to the standard of the Heist Society books :) Good review!

  4. Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews says:

    I think action books can certainly be good, but sometimes they lack substance to “more” for the novel really. Lovely review! :)

  5. Sunny says:

    This sounds really good! It sounds very much like LEVERAGE to me in some way, probably because of the characters. However, it’s disappointing that you said there was no substance, that would get old and annoying quick for me. But it sounds like a great action novel…I love thieves! Love the review Alice :)

    Sunny @ Blue Sky Bookshelf

    • It reminded me a bit of Leverage too (Leverage is my favorite show)! There was tons of action, which was great, I just wish that the characters were developed a bit more! :) Thanks for stopping by & commenting!

  6. Well, that’s a bummer that you couldn’t relate to the main character! This book sounds like something I’d enjoy–I really like the Heist Society books by Ally Carter. And I love twists and turns. I think I’ll probably still pick it up. Great review!

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