ARC Review: In Too Deep by Coert Voorhees


June 12, 2013 by Alice in Readerland

In Too DeepAnnie Fleet, master scuba diver and history buff, knows she can’t fight her nerd status as a freshman at her Los Angeles private school. And she doesn’t care—except for the fact that her crush, Josh, thinks she’s more adorable than desirable. Annie is determined to set him straight on their school trip to Mexico. But her teacher has other plans: he needs Annie to help him find Cortez’s lost-long treasure.

Suddenly, Annie finds herself scuba diving in pitch-black waters, jetting to Hawaii with Josh, and hunting for the priceless Golden Jaguar. But Annie and Josh aren’t the only ones lured by the possibility of finding the greatest treasure ever lost at sea. Someone else wants the gold—and needs Annie dead. In deeper danger than she ever imagined, can Annie get the boy and find the Jaguar, or is she in over her head?

Critically-acclaimed author Coert Voorhees delivers breathtaking romance and non-stop action in his newest novel, the spirited and captivating In Too Deep.

Special thanks to Disney Hyperion and NetGalley for allowing me to read an ARC of In Too Deep. In Too Deep will be available in stores July 9th, 2013.

As soon as I finished reading In Too Deep’s synopsis I knew that I had to read the book because: Treasure hunting!

Finding Nemo

Duuuude! Come on, treasure hunting!

I just couldn’t resist the mystery and adventure that this book promised, and it definitely delivered!

This would be the perfect beach read, where you could imagine that you really are on an exotic beach looking for long lost treasure. I really enjoy treasure hunting stories, but I often see them more in movies than in YA novels, so this book was a pleasant change and handled the adventure well. I loved discovering the clues and maps along with Annie and I could feel the danger and excitement of the race to find the lost-at-sea Golden Jaguar. I thought Annie’s diving was a very interesting aspect too. I didn’t know much about the history discussed in this book or about diving, but there were tons of details in this book about those topics that were fascinating.

I also enjoyed seeing how confident Annie was about her diving. Annie knows she’s not the popular one, or the most interesting one, but she knows that she is a fantastic diver and that it’s something that she loves, and that gives her confidence.

Finding Nemo 2

Cynical Cindy Says

While I enjoyed this book, I felt that the characters found some solutions/clues too easily, and I would rather have seen the characters work to solve more of the puzzle themselves. 

All in all, if you want a fun summer beach book filled with treasure and as much adventure underwater as on land, then In Too Deep is the book for you!

3 Teacups

3 out of 5 teacups.

17 thoughts on “ARC Review: In Too Deep by Coert Voorhees

  1. Book Blather says:

    Yey, a summer read! From Disney, who gave us Pirates the Caribbean. :-) I don’t mind the mystery resolving easily as long as the relationship drama keeps me turning pages!

    • I hope you get to read it! :) I liked how Josh was inspired by Annie’s bravery to get back into diving!

      • Book Blather says:

        Isn’t it funny how reviews can read differently once you’ve read a book? I just spotted the comment you made about how Annie let her diving (one thing she was good at) spread confidence into other parts of her life – I liked that about her character too, it was a good life lesson. :-)

      • I love that about reading other blogger’s reviews! I really liked the points you brought out in your review, I kept going “Oh, that’s right! That was really good! I wish I’d remembered to put that down!”

  2. Bella says:

    This looks like the perfect summer read! The mystery sounds so interesting; treasure-hunting is a cool approach.

    Of course, I think my favorite part of the post is your Nemo gifs! :)

    Bella @ Ciao Bella

  3. Michelle says:

    This book sounds like it’s full of adventure! I haven’t heard of it before, but I think it sounds really beachy and fun! Cool review.

    PS- did you get my email about the cat pillow?

  4. Terri says:

    This review wins because 1) it’s awesome and 2) duuuuuuude, turtles! :)

  5. Candice says:

    Yay! Treasure hunting! And SCUBA diving! And Nemo gifs! This one sounds really cute!

  6. sarabara081 says:

    It does sound cute and perfect for summer time! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Sunny says:

    This sounds great and unique! Scuba diving! Treasure hunting! Mexico! History buff (like myself)! I definitely will be reading this one and so happy you enjoyed it. I’ll probably be annoyed with how easy they found clues as well, but I look forward to reading this one.

    Sunny @ Blue Sky Bookshelf

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