Top Ten Topics/Words That Make Me Instantly Pick Up a Book


April 29, 2013 by Alice in Readerland


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

  This week for Top Ten Tuesday I list my Top Ten Topics/Words That Make Me Instantly Pick Up a Book (with pictures/gifs)!

1. Detective/Mystery

Sherlock Holmes Cat

2. Time Travel


AIR Figment Watermark

This is my cat Figment. He says bow ties are cool.

3. Fairy Tale Retelling

Sleeping Beauty

4. Road Trip

Cat Driving Car

5. Foreign Country Settings


Paris 1

6. Mentioning a Fun/Cute Animal/Pet

Bunny Clapping

7. Spy/Espionage

Fluffy Whiskers

8. Dragons


9. Lost Memory

who Am I

10. Adventure

Adventure is out there

What are topics/words that make you instantly pick up a book? Do you have any book recommendations for me based off of my choices?

I love comments

117 thoughts on “Top Ten Topics/Words That Make Me Instantly Pick Up a Book

  1. Foreign settings are always appealing especially when they’re done really well! I like adventure stories too, they’re so much fun! Also I love all the memes and gifs you used in this post :).

  2. I think I went on and on about foreign settings today on my list, lol…Yay for time travel being on your list too! *high fives*

    My TTT

  3. tiffnanny says:

    Ooh I love that you did this using the images and gifs! Awesome!

    I see we share more than a couple on each others’ lists. I totally forgot to add road trips! that’s another one that grabs my attention, too.

    • Thanks, I had fun finding the perfect gifs/pics for each topic! :)

      • tiffnanny says:

        How did you get the gifs to play? I can’t get them to play on mine. Is it because mine is a free account maybe?

      • Mine is free too (although I just bought a “.com” instead of “” 2 months ago, but that doesn’t change the writing layout), but sometimes they freeze on me and won’t play depending on what web browser/computer I’m on. I’m still frustrated that I can’t get HTML to work on the free one!

      • tiffnanny says:

        ooh good to know. thanks.

      • tiffnanny says:

        The lack of html use on the free accts frustrates me too. Especially when the fee to upgrade to a premium acct is in my opinion too much for what I use my blog for.

      • I agree, it’s definitely too much ( & if I had the $, I’d probably use it to buy more books, anyway ;) ). I know that you can have Google followers and HTML on BlogSpot, so I thought about switching, but I already worked out my blog design for wordpress, so I’ll wait. :)

      • tiffnanny says:

        Yeah I’ve considered switching numerous times now, but I worry about starting “almost” all over. I still need to work on the design for my blog. A couple of months ago I was changing it daily and then I made the executive decision to leave it alone for the time being.

  4. amyo3119 says:

    I am loving the retellings like Cinder. I don’t think I have read enough spy books or time travel. I need to get on that!

  5. ChrissiReads says:

    I absolutely love Fairy tale retellings as well. I very nearly put road trip in my list too. Great list :D

  6. Tanja says:

    Awwwwww Toothless!! I love that movie! :) Dragons are on my list too! ;) I love your pics I never think of something that cool. Great list.

  7. I really love retellings and I don’t read enough of them! If you like cute animals be sure to read The Book of Broken Hearts. Pancake is the cutest dog ever!

  8. Sunny says:

    I agree and very much love your list, Alice! Time travel, adventure, travel, lost memory…I could go on and name every point on there because I love them all. Great pictures and gifs too :)

    My TTT

  9. Anya says:

    Yey Dragons!

  10. Michelle says:

    I love all your cats!!! Figment is such a cool name! I totally love road trip books… I wish there were more of them!! And there are SO many amnesia books, but I LOVE them!! It’s so cool for someone to not know what happened to them and not know who they can trust!

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT

  11. Ashling says:

    First, I love the gifs and pics. They’re so much fun. Second, great list! I have a few of these on my list as well. I especially love dragons.

    My TTT

  12. Margo Berendsen says:

    I love your image/animated list! Time travel and retellings are on my list too – definitely the two most common categories out there. So why arent’ there more time travel books??? Oh yeah and dragons and memory made my list too. yes!

    Here’s my top ten list

  13. I love the gifs you put! Especially Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. And I agree about Adventure and Lost Memory/Amnesia… how could I have forgotten them? Stupid me…

    Great list!

  14. YES! Lost memory! I totally didn’t clue into that, but that is a topic that makes me instantly intrigued. I love fairy tale retelling as well.

  15. Time Travel books, tv shows, anything are so good! Plus, you really sold me with the Dr. Who gifs.

  16. Loni says:

    Bow Ties are so cool!!! Your list is very creative.

  17. beckireads says:

    I really enjoyed your list and the images/gifs were brilliant. Spy/espionage is a good topic and I should probably have added it to my list.

  18. Maggie says:

    Great list! I love the way you laid it out. I’ve been seeing foreign countries on a lot of people’s lists and I wish I had thought to include that.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  19. Ooooh spies, amazing pick! Great list, love the dragon gif. :D

    Thanks for stopping by :)

  20. Mysteries are great. I never thought to add dragons to my list but I definitely enjoy a good dragon story.

  21. trishhannon111 says:

    Great list, yes to all of them except the dragons! I’m lukewarm about them :-)

  22. I think what we really need is a story of a time travelling cat detective whose best friend is a dragon from Prague who, uh, has amnesia. Do you think JK Rowling is available for commissions?

  23. nikihawkes says:

    Figment is adorable! He looks so so dapper. :-)

  24. Can I just say I died a little when I saw that cute gif of the bunny! :o
    Love your list! =)

    ~Stephanie @ Bookfever

  25. Toothless!!! The picture makes me want to watch HTTYD all over again…except my friend has had my copy for a few months now. Grr!
    True story? I wasn’t a fan of dragon books until I watched HTTYD and went through withdrawal during the long wait for it to come out on DVD. One of my favorites I read during that time period was STARLIGHTER by Bryan Davis. Have you read that?

    And that bunny!!

    I think I want books in your categories based on those images alone ;)

  26. Haha, I love the images you put in your post! :) I agree with most of your picks. I’m not sure how I feel about fairytale retellings yet, though.

  27. Nikki H says:

    I didn’t even think about foreign places! Those are some of my favorite stories! Great list!

  28. I wish I would have remembered to include road trips on my TTT as well! Thanks for stopping by The Hiding Spot!

  29. Great list – love dragons, Paris, and road trips too

  30. I totally forgot about time travel! I love time traveling books!

  31. Love your list- your cat is adorable!

  32. I agree with Fairy Tale retellings. That is all I have been reading lately, but I’m going to be diving back into Adult books soon.

  33. Kierra( kikiD) says:

    Lol, we have the same tastes, I say! Seriously, did you somehow hijack my list? Great list and it definitely fits me too!

  34. Carmen Brack says:

    I love the pictures you included! XD Foreign country settings are awesome, and I’m just sort of getting back into time travel books again :) Great list! Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  35. I agree with all of your choices, especially Mentioning a Fun / Cute Animal / Pet — I love animals in books ;)

    Fabulous top ten!

  36. How did I not think of Mystery novels?! Silly me. They are also some of my favorite books. I haven’t read any, though, which is unfortunate.

  37. acps927 says:

    I don’t have anything insightful to say. I just wanted to say I love the cat pictures you chose! :D

  38. Shelby says:

    Great list- I love the pic of your cat! So cute. =)

  39. Emily says:

    How did I forget Fairy Tale Retellings?!?!

  40. awwww I just love all the gifs and images, especially of the animals! I have to agree on dragons and detectives and cute animals! LOVE animals! Great list! :D

  41. Woo! Love that you included a Doctor Who gif. Love your list, so many that are on my list, and a bunch that almost made it on my list!

  42. Kelly L. says:

    I wanted to put fairytale retellings on my list, but I don’t exactly check out every fairytale retelling, so…
    And how could I forget to put lost memory on my list?!
    Thanks for stopping by my TTT Alice! (:

  43. Jessica says:

    Road trips!!!! I knew I would forget so many things I liked! I love road trips- especially where a romance is involved! Golden by Jessi Kirby has one of my favorite road trips in it. I also like fairy tale retellings, even though I’ve only read one so far. (I need to remedy that!) Great list Alice!

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

    Jessica@Lovin’ Los Libros

  44. talesofwhimsy says:

    O lost memory! Yes! I do love that one.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  45. Shelver506 says:


  46. Oh, I do agree with quite a few of these. The only one that really doesn’t matter to me are fun/cute animal/pets, but they are quite nice when used in a blog post like this! ;) Thanks for stopping by my TTT earlier! :)

  47. queenellabee says:

    I love your whole list. All of it. So much. ESPECIALLY the graphics. And ESPECIALLY the Sherlock/Doctor Who comments. Seriously. And Road Trips and just everything. Can I borrow this list? Or rather, let’s share. ^_^

  48. Daphne says:

    these are great! bowties ARE cool. and fezzes.

  49. KateB says:

    Your cat is adorable! And I love his name!

    I never really thought I liked dragons… but just looking at my shelves I have Seraphina, Eragon, Game of Thrones and many many more dragon stories. It turns out I auto buy them without even noticing! I love the pictures youve used…. even if the Who am I one made me burst out into song (I’m Jean Valjean!… yep I’ve always been a bit of a Les Mis fan. I was in the chorus when we did it in high school.)

    Hope you have a great week :)

  50. Melinda says:

    1,3 and 5 on your list speaks to me :)

  51. OK the dragon gif is my favorite. Lovely list! Can’t believe I forgot lost memory, I have been reading so much of that lately and LOVE it

  52. Litza says:

    Adventure! I totally should have put that one, too! Then again, if I put everything I enjoyed, the list would have been waaaay too long. :) Excellent list!!

  53. […] books that have investigations/mysteries/spies. In fact, I listed spies and mysteries as two of the words that would instantly make me pick up a book, and I enjoyed how Berry really researched and tried to figure out the mystery surrounding her […]

  54. dottleddolly says:

    I saw a link to your blog on someone else’s blog. I agree with the fairytale retellings , I am currently reading splintered by A.G. Howard. The one theme that makes me instantly read a book is magic, any type. I love the idea of the list, I will be doing this on my blog at some point. Thank you for great idea.

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