A Week of Rapunzel: Cress and Tangled Nail Art


February 2, 2014 by Alice in Readerland

When I heard that Bonnie of A Backwards Story was hosting A Week of Rapunzel in honor of the release of Marissa Meyer’s Cress, I knew that I just had to join! The Lunar Chronicleis my favorite series and I also enjoyed participating in A Week of Little Red last year!

Since Bonnie and I both love nail polish/nail art, I thought I’d try to create two different Rapunzel designs from my favorite Rapunzel retellings, Cress and Tangled!
First up, Cress!

Cress Nails

I decided I wanted to make one nail reminiscent of wires (or slightly like a very pretty inside of a computer), since Cress was a tech expert and hacker. I also figured that if the Lunar’s Direct Communication Chips looked like “tiny gemstones” according to Cinder then the futuristic-looking insides of their machines might look glamorous too. The wires were also a nod to Cinder. Of course, the silver crescent moon on my thumb is for Cress.

Tangled Nails Watermark

Tangled is also a retelling of Rapunzel, as well as being a favorite Disney movie of mine, so i knew that I also had to try a Tangled design for A Week of Rapunzel. Since the sun symbol played such an important part in the story, I painted little suns on my nails. You can’t really tell from the pictures, but I also sponged on three different kinds of purple for a textured background, inspired by the town scene where Rapunzel paints the sun symbol with different purple paints.

Are you wearing nail polish now? What’s it look like?

12 thoughts on “A Week of Rapunzel: Cress and Tangled Nail Art

  1. I love your Cress nail art! The blue color is stunning and looks great with the silver.

  2. I am not huge nails fan, I don’t think I could wear fake ones..lol. I can’t get my own nails to grow so I don’t do much with nail polish. I think my figures look strange with polish when I do use it because I don’t hardly use it. :) Yours are cool!

  3. I love the Cress design you came up with! The polish is such a beautiful colour. :)

  4. That is so pretty! I love your nails. I usually tend to wear more pink nail polish than purple, but I’d love to find a shade similar to the one you’re wearing for the Cress design :)

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  6. Your nail art is so pretty, and your nails are so long! Have you read Cameron Dokey’s retelling of Rapunzel, Golden?

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