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February 24, 2014 by Alice in Readerland


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Have you ever seen a book cover and just went:

and then:


Here are some covers that made me feel that way:


1. Tigers on a Beach by Doug MacLeod

A tiger and a girl at the beach sitting on pretty chairs. Seriously, what could be better?

These Broken Stars

2. These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner (review)

I loved the deep greens and blues on this cover so much that I painted my nails to match it!



3. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

This is actually a picture of my bookshelf, but I absolutely adore my edition of Alice in Wonderland!

4. Jabberwocky and Other Nonsense by Lewis Carroll

I love the Jabberwocky poem and I just got this book for myself!

5. Saving Lucas Biggs by Marisa de los Santos and David Teague

I’m really excited for this book to come out, but I also love the stars, silhouettes, and color combination on the cover!

For Darkness Shows the Stars


6. For Darkness Shows the Stars and Across a Star-Swept Sea by Diana Peterfreund (Across a Star-Swept Sea review)

All the stars and colors on these covers are stunning!

7. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (Cinder reviewScarlet review, and Cress review)

I think that my favorite series ever has some of the coolest covers ever!

8. Once by Cameron Dokey

I want to wear that dress, it’s gorgeous!

9. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I love the clouds, colors, and textures on this cover!


10. Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey

I love dragons and I love how the colors pop on this cover.

What are some of your favorite book covers?

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55 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Covers

  1. Emma says:

    I did covers, too! And I believe we had some overlapping choices. ;)

  2. Carrie-Anne says:

    It’s nice to see different kinds of book covers in a sea of the same 4-5 styles over and over again. As an amateur artist, I tend to immediately notice the color scheme, and if it seems to match the title or book’s subject matter. A good typeface and actual art, in lieu of photographs, also makes me love a cover.

    One of the recent covers I really liked was Merrie Haskell’s The Princess Curse, an upper MG historical fantasy that retells a few fairytales. I also loved the original U.S. covers for Ida Vos’s MG historicals. The more recent U.S. covers for her books don’t really appeal to me.

  3. Agree about These Broken Stars and Saving Lucas Banks! Both of those are on my TBR list because of the covers alone =)

    Jennifer @ A Librarian’s Library–My TTT!

  4. ChrissiReads says:

    Yes, yes, yes I have! I often judge a book by its cover. Bad, I know. But I just can’t help it. There are some really cute covers here.

  5. I’m blanking on thinking back to my favorite covers, however, I wanted to chime in to say that I frequently will take a chance on a book based only on the cover or title. I won’t even bother reading the description, I’ll just buy it on a gut feeling and usually, it works out!

  6. Love those covers! My fav would have to be the Hunger Games one and I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before?!

  7. I love the covers you’ve picked! These Broken Stars ended up on my TBR list before I even knew what it was about because of the cover. I love how Cinder Scarlet and Cress all have red running through them. Really ties the books together. Thanks for stopping by earlier.

  8. Nette says:

    Great pics! I’m going to have to check out your #6 pick. I’ve been eying the Lunar Chronicles (among many books) and I might have to just break down and buy them, since my library is taking forever on the wait list!
    My Top Ten Tuesday

  9. Tasia says:

    I pretty much love any book covers with stars on them, so I adore your choices! And I love your Alice themed shelf! It’s perfect!

  10. All such wonderful covers! I have a weakness for books with pretty covers :P

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  11. I like the cover of Tigers on the Beach the most. It makes me curious about the book and I’ll have to check it out. thanks for visiting my TTT – book I’d like to read for the first time again :)

  12. Lakin says:

    A lot of the time, the cover of a book is what catches my eye. I definitely agree with many of yours, and also have to say the covers of The River of Time series by Lisa Tawn Bergren, Melanie Dickerson’s books, and Doon (which I haven’t read yet). They are beautiful covers!
    My TTT

  13. Not read any of those but there are some pretty covers. :)

  14. I think my TBR list just grew a bit ;)
    The cover for These Broken Stars is stunning *want*

    My TTT-

  15. Sunny says:

    Those gifs are PERFECT, Alice. Absolutely perfect, I couldn’t stop smiling. Those covers *drools* I love them all. Of course, I agreed on every cover. I’m mostly entranced by Saving Lucas Biggs though, it’s gorgeous!

  16. Lindsay says:

    *High fives you back* Yay for more pretty covers! These Broken Stars is by far one of my favorites! I love your manicure also-so pretty! I love the Saving Lucas Biggs one. What a great cover!

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

  17. Keeley says:

    What a beautiful cover of Alice In Wonderland! :) The cover of These Broken Stars is so eye catching, I can’t wait to read this book!

  18. I love the cover for Cinder. That’s what actually first got me interested in the book. Now, I’ve not read it yet but as soon as I finish the book I’m working on, I do believe that’s what I’ll read next. The cover for Tigers on a Beach got a laugh from me because it was so unexpected. Very unique cover. My top ten list – on series I’ve not finished yet – can be found here:

  19. I bought both of the For Darkness Shows the Stars books, solely because of the covers! Well, I also want to read them, but the covers convinced me ;) And I love the Lunar Chronicles colors too – especially how the reds and purples blend together.

  20. jen and em says:

    I haven’t read a couple of these books. I love the cover of Once by Cameron Dokey.

  21. Great pick. Soooooo many pretty covers, I now want to go buy half of these myself just because of how gorgeous the covers are – especially the For Darkness Shows the Stars ones. Nice list :) My TTT.

  22. For darkness shows the stars, Once, Lunar Chronicles, These broken stars, yeeeeas. Catching fire is one of the few books with movie cover I actually like.

  23. Totally agree with These Broken Stars, the Lunar Chronicles, and Diana Peterfreund’s books. The covers are so gorgeous and I totally take a liking to those starry kinds of backgrounds on a cover. I also love your version of Alice in Wonderland! Those teacups and the pastel colors work so well. Thanks for sharing, Alice! <33

  24. acps927 says:

    The FDStS and AaSSS covers… swoon! I also really like The Lunar Chronicles, Alice and Wonderland, These Broken Stars covers a lot too!

  25. I loved that you picked covers that aren’t always on everyone’s list!! I love the These Broken Stars cover and your lovely matching nails!! i like when you do those nail posts :) The Star Swept Sea books are gorgeous too and Saving Lucas Biggs!!

  26. Rimsha says:

    Great love love love the coverof These Broken Stars and the book itself was also amazing!
    Here’s mine: My TTT
    If you have the time please Check out my Banners too I also take Requests :) Banners

  27. Bella says:

    All of those gorgeous and fun covers aside, I love the Frozen images in the beginning. They made me smile! :)

  28. The Lunar Chronicles – I love how they relate to the fairy tales. Cinder is one of those covers I wasn’t very fussed on but then I got my own copy and saw the detail of the cyborg foot… love it!

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