Top Ten Favorite Characters from Fairy Tales/Fairy Tale Retellings


February 18, 2013 by Alice in Readerland


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When I heard that this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic was ‘Top Ten Favorite Characters in a Genre’, I knew that I had to choose my top ten favorite characters from fairy tales/fairy tale retellings since this month is Fairy Tale February here in Readerland!

Belle and Books

1. BELLE (From most any Beauty and the Beast retelling)

Belle loves reading, doesn’t judge a book by it’s cover, and wants adventure in the great wide somewhere. To me, she’s the perfect main character.

A Long Long Sleep

2. ROSE (From A Long, Long Sleep, a Sleeping Beauty retelling)

Rose goes on an emotional journey from being mild and meek to facing down everything that stands in her way. You’ve got to love a girl like that. You can find my review of A Long, Long Sleep here.

Cheshire in Hat

3. CHESHIRE CAT (From Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)

As you can tell from my blog name, I’m fascinated by Alice in Wonderland. However, as much as I love Alice (we do share the same name, after all), my favorite character from the story has always been the Cheshire Cat.


4. CINDER (From Cinder by Marissa Meyer)

As a girl who loves fixing things, tools, and electronics, I thought that Cinder the strong and sarcastic mechanic (who happens to be a cyborg) was a great character. You can find my review of Cinder here.

Puss in Boots

5. PUSS (From most any Puss in Boots retelling)

I love cats. I love shoes. So Puss in Boots is perfect. Be sure to come back and see my post on Puss in Boots for The Cheap Reader’s Project: Fairy Tale!

6. DELANEY (From Don’t Expect Magic by Kathy McCullough)

While not really a fairy tale retelling, Delaney does discover that she’s a fairy godmother. A sarcastic, sharp-tongued, fairy godmother with a liking for boots, that is.


7. BAGHEERA (From The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling)

Here’s a quote about Bagheera from The Jungle Book (published in 1894): “Everybody knew Bagheera, and nobody dared to cross his path; for he was as cunning as Tabaqui, as bold as the wild buffalo, and as reckless as the wounded elephant. But he had a voice as soft as wild honey dripping from a tree, and a skin softer than down.”

Fairest of All

8. SNOW WHITE (From Fairest of All – Whatever After #1 by Sarah Mlynowski)

This Snow White faced down crocodiles, read law books, and won the kingdom back with confidence and brain-power! You can find my review of the Whatever After series here.

And, finally, for my last 2 choices:

Characters from Disney fairy tales I adore:


9. FIGARO (From Disney‘s Pinocchio)

Figaro is my favorite Disney character ever!

Rapunzel 2

10. RAPNUZEL (From Disney‘s Tangled)

“And so I’ll read a book, or maybe 2 or 3,” Speaking of Rapunzel, who else is excited for Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3)?!

Who are your favorite characters from fairy tales/fairy tale retellings?

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76 thoughts on “Top Ten Favorite Characters from Fairy Tales/Fairy Tale Retellings

  1. Stormy says:

    I’m quite a fan of Rapunzel and Belle, but I typically don’t like Cinderella, especially the Disney version. I do, however, like the spunky Cinder Ella in Ella Enchanted and I LOVED Cinder, who may be one of my favorite characters ever, so perhaps more books in the future can change my mind about that character.

  2. Great list! I think all of us readers can relate to Belle :) She was certainly my favourite of the Disney princesses! I haven’t watched Tangled yet but I saw this clip recently that makes me really want to check it out, lol, it looks funny.

    Here’s my Top Ten for this week :)

  3. LOVE your choice of topic! I loooove fairy tales and re-tellings so your list totally gave me a bunch to add to my TBR! My blog is named after Belle because she is my absolute favorite character, too! Rapunzel is definitely one of my new favorite princesses as well! Amazing list! :)

  4. Michelle says:

    How can you NOT love Belle?? I mean she’s obsessed with reading!! My fav. character from fairy tales is probably Tinker Bell because she’s a pain in the ass. But I also like Puss from Puss in Boots and many of the characters from Alice in Wonderland.
    My TTT

  5. I also loved Belle and Tangled. I love fairy tale retellings, but I haven’t read most of these. Thanks for bringing a lot of great new ones to my attention.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Check out my Tuesday meme post here

    ~Danica Page@Taking it One Page at a Time

  6. Caitlyn Echo says:

    I really like Cinder and Rapunzel, especially the one from Tangled, and OMG Puss is ADORABLE :) But the Cheshire Cat used to scare me when I was little lol

  7. vidyatiru says:

    Belle, of course – she is my favorite fairy tale character – if I have to rate Disney princesses then she is right at the top,,,:) and I do love Tiana as well from The Princess and the Frog.. and as for other Fairy tale characters, I love Gerda from The Snow Queen, as well as the many Ivans, Baba Yagas and Vasilisas of Russian fairy tales.
    mine s here

  8. I have Cinder on my shelf, but haven’t started it yet. I’ve heard great things.
    I love that you have Bagheera on your list!!
    Great list. Reminds me I need to read more fairy tale retellings.
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesdays Post
    Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason

  9. Judith says:

    Ah, great topic Alice! I love Cinder, though Scarlet is my new favorite, and I basically love all Disney characters. And oh my god, YES to Rapunzel. Tangled is one of my favorite animated movies ever <3 Great list!

  10. This is such a great list. I have to agree that Belle makes a great main character, reading about character that love to read just makes me love a book even more. So many great Disney characters, I love them all. Makes me want to go spend the rest of the day watching Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and all those other great movies.
    Check out my TTT.

  11. Laura says:

    Belle is my absolute favourite fairytale character – I LOVE this list and Don’t Expect Magic and A Long Long Sleep are definitely going on my TBR list!

  12. Sarah says:

    I seriously love your list. Belle, especially in the Disney movie, was such a (possibly twisted) inspiration to me when i was younger!
    Fantastic list!

    Check out my Top Ten Tuesday
    Sarah @ Loving Books

  13. Daphne says:

    belle is my absolute favorite and I do love Rapunzel :) great list

  14. stuckinva says:

    Okay I want to read all of these books (well, except The Jungle Book and Cinder, as I’ve already read them :D). LOVE the fairytale retellings!

  15. Ashling says:

    Great list! I love fairy-tales and their retellings. I never heard of A Long Long Sleep, so I’m excited to add that to my TBR list. And Cinder, Belle, and Rapunzel are all awesome too.

    My TTT

  16. I love that you included movies on your list. I also love Rapunzel from Tangled. That movie was just so cute and fun. I always enjoy watching it!

    My TTT Post

  17. Interesting topic, I’ve read only two retellings so far and I liked Scarlet more than Cinder. I will check out the others as well :)

  18. amyo3119 says:

    I agree, Belle is the best!

  19. Lottie Eve says:

    I adore Rapunzel from Tangled too! She is just so energetic and spunky! Plus, she has some kick butt hair :P Cheshire is also my favorite character in Alice in Wonderland.

  20. You just made me want to read “A Long, Long Sleep” SO MUCH. Like, I’m dying here. I’ve been dying for quite some time. My library hasn’t gotten it in so I just need to break down and BUY THE BOOK. What’s 10 more $$ anyways? ;)

    Great list – I love all these stories so much!!

  21. LOVE all these! Great list!

  22. Merin says:

    Love these! I also adore Belle. She’s my favorite Disney princess for sure. ♥

    My TTT post :)

  23. Tabitha S. says:

    I love Belle and Rapunzel!!

  24. I LOVE your choices! I love your genre pick, your choices, all of it. Happy Shelver!

    My TTT:

  25. Belle is honestly my FAVOURITE Disney character, I just really love her. :) Awesome picks!

  26. Sunny says:

    LOVE how you twisted it around and your picks! Someday we shall have a blogger sleepover with bookish things and watch fairytales, especially Tangled and Beauty & the Beast. Also, I really need to read Don’t Expect Magic and A Long, Long Sleep.

    Love your picks!

  27. Becca says:

    I totally agree with you about Belle – I think she was one of the very few Disney princesses to actually have a personality, and I love that she loves reading. Maybe that’s a big reason why Beauty and the Beast is still a movie I hold close to my heart, and a story I eagerly read re-tellings about. Great list. :)

  28. Zeee says:

    Oh love your pick! Really, I think Disney has done a pretty good job with their fairy tale retellings what with Belle (love that she is a bookworm), and Rapunzel (love her!).

    Here’s my TTT Post @ I Heart Romance

  29. Belle is a great choice, and I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s excited about Cress! Snow White has always been one of my favorites, so I’ll definitely have to check out the Whatever After series. Great list!

  30. Jade says:

    Disney and Fairytales are great, aren’t they :-) I haven’t read many fairytale retellings though (I do hope to get round to Cinder soon). All the characters that feature in Alice in Wonderland are great to me. :-)

  31. Janita says:

    OMG Tangled KILLED me! I cried so much in the theatre when I read it! Literally bawling. That’s probably my favourite fairy-tale movie retelling ever…or Beauty and the Beast, because (duh) I like books :) Awesome list!

  32. Vicky Hooper says:

    OMG I love this list! Such a good idea to do fairytale retellings :-D I love the Disney ones especially – Belle is one of my favourite characters ever, and Rapunzel <3 'Don't Expect Magic' sounds really interesting, will have to give it a try sometime :-)

    Great list!

  33. MsJohannah says:

    I haven’t read any re-telling of fairy tales yet. You make me want too though. So many interesting ones out there!!!

  34. Ink and Page says:

    I like the fairy godmother one – have to check it out! And, I saw those Sarah Mylnowski books on your blog – I think my daughter would really like them.

  35. Ahhhh Belle is like my favorite everrrr! I’m a hardcore lover of Beauty and the Beast. (: Thanks for sharing and stopping by!

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  36. I’m a fairy tale retelling fan myself, so I adore your list. And belle is my favorite Disney princess too. :D Awesome list!
    Thanks for stopping by my TTT.

  37. I love your list <3
    It's very obvious that Belle is my favorite ;) But I also love Cinder, Rapunzel, The Ceshire cat and so many more characters.


  38. I adore fairy tale retellings! I really need to read Cinder. Belle is my favorite Disney princess. haha Tangled is such a cute movie, as well.

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